Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the maximum capacity of the venue? 150 guests What banquet equipment does the venue provide?
  • Rectangular banquet tables
  • Cocktail tables
  • Wooden banquet chairs with white padded seating
  • Silverware (knives, forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons)
  • China (main and side plates)
  • Glassware (water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, specialty bar glasses)
  • Projector
  • Coat rack
What does The Baron's 'Table Setup Service' include and how much does it cost?
  • White table linens (inquire about other colors)
  • White napkin linens (inquire about other colors)
  • Setup and take-down of the following:
    • Table linens and napkin linens
    • Table cutlery, silver-where, and drink glasses
  • The basic package starts at $30 per table
Is parking available? Yes, there is ample parking.  Is the venue wheelchair accessible? Yes, there is a wheelchair ramp on the far-right entrance. We also have an accessible washroom.
Can we bring outside food or drink? No, all food and drink will be provided by the venue. When should we discuss our menu selections? Menu details must be finalized at least one month prior to your event date Does the venue provide special meals for guests with allergies or dietary restrictions? Yes, we can accommodate dietary requirements as requested. Please ensure these requirements are finalized five business days prior to your event date. Does the Baron provide tastings? Yes, there is a $50 per person charge for tastings. If you decide to book with us, the first $100 spent for the tasting will be deducted from your total invoice amount. Tastings will be coordinated by one of our event managers and will consist of the following courses:
  • 1 starter
  • 2 entrees
  • 1 vegetable dish
  • 1 starch dish
  • 1 dessert 
What does the cake cutting fee include? The cake cutting fee includes cutting the cake, plating it, and serving to guests. This is a charge of $1.50 per person.
What vendors services does The Baron provide?  We provide setup and take-down of our venue equipment, staffing and catering services. The following is a list of services that we do not offer, however, should you require vendor recommendations, please speak to one of our venue managers: 
  • DJ, band or other entertainment
  • Wedding planner
  • Florist
  • Wedding cake
  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Decorator
  • Transportation
  • Overnight accommodations
Do we have to clean up after the event? No, The Baron staff will take care of clean up. However, all items you bring with you will have to be taken with you at the end of the night. When can I setup for my event? Early setup, such as decorating, must commence the day of the event and as early as:
  • 8:00 AM for morning events 
  • 10:00 AM for evening events
When is last call for alcohol beverages? 1:00 am or earlier. How long and how late can my guests stay at the venue? Events may last up to 8 hours (from when guests enter to when they leave)  until 2:00 am or earlier. Who should I include in my guest count? Your head count should include the head table, photographers, DJs and any other vendors. The final head count must be submitted 5 business days prior to the event. What is The Baron’s decoration policy? No open flames, confetti, ticks, nails or any other decorations that can damage surfaces. Additionally, no hanging objects on the foam insulation. Are children allowed? Yes. What are some ways we can spruce up our event? Below is a list of possible items a bride and groom can dress the space with. Please bring in these items a few hours prior to the start of your event for ample setup time.
  • Table numbers
  • Guest book and pen
  • Bridal toasting glasses
  • Cake knife and lifter
  • Guest favors
  • Place cards
  • Seating chart
  • Engagement photo(s)
  • Other miscellaneous items
How much is the venue fee? Please note that all the amounts below do not include tax.
  • There is no venue fee - please see section on the minimum spend
What is the Minimum Spend? The minimum amount (in dollars and before before taxes) required to book the venue. The minimum spend limits are are as follows:
  • Monday to Thursday: $1,500
  • Friday: $3,500
  • Saturday & Holiday Sunday: $6,000
  • Sundays: $2,500
What is required to confirm a booking? To confirm a booking, a 50% deposit of the Venue Spend Threshold and a signed Venue Agreement are required. How and when do I pay the remaining total of my booking? The remaining invoice total is due a day prior to your event. What are the service charges and tax amounts? A service charge of 18% and current GST {Goods & Services Tax} of 5% will be added. Please note that the service charge is taxable. What payment methods does The Baron accept? Visa, Master Card, American Express, certified cheque and Interac. What is The Baron's cancellation policy? All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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